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Customer Application Development
We are specialize in Java and C programming such as

Technology on Server
•  EJB ( Enterprise Java Bean)
•  XML
•  JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
•  RMI (Java Remote Method Invocation)
•  JSP (Java Server Page)/Servlet, Tag library
•  JMS (Java Messaging System)
Technology on Client
•  HTML, JavaScript
•  Java Applet
•  JFC (Java Foundation Class - Swing)
•  MIDlet (Mobile Phone Application)
•  Smartcard API


The development of information technology system will use “Object-oriented” base under the method which called “Unified Process” (UP). It also uses “Unified Modeling Language” (UML) for modeling system and method. This modeling language is the standard language which is nowadays used for developing worldwide software system. The development of information technology system for managing in the department of supported local governance can be divided into 4 phases according to UP, which are Inception Phase, Elaboration Phase, Construction Phase and Transition Phase.

The development of those 4 phases is also divided into many working periods. Each working period need to follow the main working flow as follows;

•  Requirement Analysis
•  Analysis
•  Design
•  Implement
•  Test

The details of working process and outcome of each phase will be as follows;

•  Inception Phase: define scope of work, actor, use case and project plan. The details of working process and outcome will be as follows;
•  Vision Document
•  Use Case design or Context Diagram
•  Project Plan
•  Glossary
•  Elaboration Phase: study in detail of requirement and design system architecture. Outcome will be as follows;
•  Use Case Model
•  User Interface Prototype
•  Reports Prototype
•  System Architecture
•  Design Model
•  Construction Phase: program, test, integration test, system test and make user manual. Outcome will be as follows;
•  Tested Information System
•  User Manual
•  Transition: install, train user, key-in data and run the program. Outcome will be as follows;
•  Train User
•  Transform information of 3 system
•  Actual use

Consulting Service
Consulting and Planning

•  Professional planning & consulting for entire information technology system such as internet, intranet, client-server and wireless by the professional team
• Developing applied work system
• Analysis design & developing for your requirement with high-technology
• Providing the applications
• Providing the application called “ IDEA ” used for e-document, appointment, CMS System and also Intranet within the organization , Back Log Data (SCAN & Key in)

Geographic Information System (GIS)
The system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth.

Data Entry
Entering data, designing and building “data key-in program”, which can help you to manage your information effectively and also help you to increase the flexibility of working and managing in the organization.

System Integration


Hosting & E-mail