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Depth First Co., Ltd. founded on February 7th, 2003 with the aid of 2nd series Incubator project of Dr. Veerasak Sungthavorn in Software Park in order to be the professional company providing program and website development services with JAVA program and also provides the best solutions to support the online businesses and other related businesses of domestic and oversea companies.

“Transforming Information Society” To be the leader in system integrations for the government and private company.

•  Expert in software implementation.
•  Have professional team to provide and support the customer needs.
•  Well after service.
•  Good financial management

•  Increase sales and profits at least 50% per year.
•  Release new products at least 3 products every year.
•  Customers sign maintenance contract with us at least 3 projects.
•  Make the customer satisfaction more than 80%.